Alexandra Sheldon

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Class Overview

Collage is a particular technique that gets us to loosen up. It is perfect for beginners jumping in and also ideal for established artists needing new ideas. In my classes I focus on getting people so busy making art that they forget to get worried about it. Classes generally begin with two hours of a structured exercise. This can be: making drawings, prints, stamps or stencils, distressing paper, etc. In my classes we make many of the materials from scratch. When we use magazines or bought materials I emphasize changing them; sanding them, painting over them, etc.  These techniques warm students up and the last two hours of the class are free for people to work quietly. I attempt to draw from people their own individual touch, color sense and need for expression. These days people come to me with a fierce need to be creative and the first thing I want to do is give them a big chunk of time to relax into. I call this the 'caramel space' of creativity; a place where we can rest and breathe together in the simple act of making stuff. I read aloud from art books, talk about the history of collage and interject lessons on: composition, light, color, shape, texture and narrative.

Reservations & Payment

To reserve a space in any class, please send a check with your choice of class & dates to:
Alexandra Sheldon, 32R Essex Street, Cambridge, MA 02139. Or purchase the class through my website.

Workshop refund policy: No refunds for workshops. If you have to cancel, you may transfer your place to a friend. Refunds are available only under the condition that the instructor needs to cancel the workshop. All workshops that must be postponed due to weather or illness will be rescheduled. 

Saturday Workshops

My Saturday themed workshops focus on a a particular subject or artist. When I teach a class I am aiming at appreciating and emulating that style or artist and at the same time getting my students to be expressive and individualistic. I was trained to find great merit in studying the masters and I think it is healthy to mimic, copy and emulate. I also push people to make their own marks and decisions. I do both. Saturday workshops are limited to 10. There is a lunch break. Materials included.


Weekend Collage Workshops

Would you like to organize a collage class for your friends or family?  I will lead a collage class for you in my studio as a special event or for a birthday.  Please organize your group size to meet a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 9 persons. Call me anytime to inquire.

Collage Collective

Between one and three people use Alexandra's Cambridge studio regularly for a monthly fee. They are given a small storage area and a schedule is posted in the studio with black out hours. This is a good arrangement for people looking for extra studio space or time on a budget. It is especially perfect for someone who may want to use the studio mornings or nights.
Please email me if interested at

Private Lessons with Alexandra  

$90 per hour including all materials.  
Please call to make an appointment.

Grief Collage Workshop

Making Collages can be a form of healing or prayer.  It can be a way of doing something when you feel helpless. I lead workshops and classes on this method of collage. Contact me if you would like organize a grief workshop.


Parking at 32R Essex Street Studios: On Thursday nights and Saturdays the parking lot can accommodate one or two cars. If you want a spot it is first come first serve. Otherwise please park in the public lot along Bishop Allen Drive or in the Cambridge Municipal Greene Street lot. If you have a Cambridge residency sticker please park on the street. Thanks.